Xylitol comes to Bournemouth Dental Practice

Xylitol comes to Bournemouth Dental Practice
23rd June 2014

“Xylitol comes to Beechwood Dental in Bournemouth and may be the biggest advance in dentistry since fluoride’’

Prevention rather than a cure!


As a Dental Practice that cares about preventative dentistry we are continually on the lookout for products that help reduce tooth decay and gum disease for our patients. You may have noticed that Beechwood Dental,Boscombe, Bournmouth has started stocking a variety of xylitol products.

Elkie our hygienist can now offer you a Dawood and Tanner tooth cleanser, which comes in 4 exciting new delicious flavours, as part of your regular hygiene visit.

  •  English peppermint
  • Sicilian lemon
  • Brazilian lime
  • Garden mint


Also try our complimentary ‘Peppersmith’ mints at reception before you leave.  Both products contain ‘xylitol’which are great for high-risk patients, from  Bournemouth,Boscombe, Southborne, Christchurch and surrounding areas with a history of cavities and plaque build-up.

Love your teeth!


‘Xylitol may be the biggest advance in dentistry since fluoride’,Dr Nigel Carter, British Dental Health Foundation.

What is xylitol you may be asking?

Xylitol is a naturally derived polyol and sugar alternative. Peppersmith sources its from beech trees (‘Xyl’ is Greek for wood – think ‘xylophone’) while other popular sources include birch trees and corn cobs. It tastes similar to sugar but with 40% fewer calories, a very low GI (7) and most importantly, it has active dental health benefits. It has been the subject of over 600 clinical studies and it is well established that habitual xylitol consumption decreases caries occurrence. Products containing xylitol are now endorsed by over 15 dental associations worldwide and xylitol has a European Food Standards Authority approved health claim for plaque reduction. 

So how does it work?

Xylitol is unique among polyols because as well as the passive benefits of not being sugar, it has active benefits, reducing the amount of Mutans Streptococci (MS) bacteria and plaque and acting against low pH in the mouth.

i) MS are reduced

Xylitol inhibits the growth of MS through a ‘futile metabolic cycle’ whereby the bacteria metabolises the xylitol thus wasting energy and ultimately limiting its metabolic efficiency

ii) Plaque is reduced

Xylitol reduces the amount of plaque through the reduction in the population of extracellular polysaccharides (EPS) which contribute to the adhesiveness of MS so they cannot colonise to form plaque. Plaque is therefore also easier to remove through everyday brushing or through the constant washing action of the saliva. Significant reductions in bacteria and total plaque quantities can be observed following periods of consumption from as little as two weeks. The plaque stays reduced during xylitol consumption and regrowth is slow when it has ceased.

iii) Reduction in “acid attacks”

Not only is the amount of plaque reduced but plaque does not produce acids from xylitol so it acts against low pH in the mouth.

iv)  Xylitol consumption by mothers prevents caries occurrence in their children

Mothers are the primary source of MS bacteria in their children. In studies of young children (3 months to 24 months) consumption of xylitol by the mother has been shown to reduce the child’s MS colonisation by as much as 80%. The positive impact of this early avoidance of MS can lead to significantly lower caries occurrence even at 5 and 10 years old.


To get these benefits, patients should consume 5g of xylitol a day, ideally at intervals after meals. Peppersmith products are 100% xylitol so a pack of their mints or tingz contains 14g of xylitol (25 mints x 0.55g xylitol per mint). A pack of their gum contains 11g of xylitol (10 pieces of gum x 1.1g of xylitol per gum). Xylitol can also be found in a number of other formats from granulated bags to dental wipes and toothpastes.

Who is it most helpful to?

Peppersmith products are most helpful for patients who:

* Have a history of cavities and plaque build up

* Are on the go and snack during the day

* Are parents of young children (3 months to 24 months)

* Suffer from xerostoma (our products promote saliva

Please ask for more information next time you are in-don’t forget to try the new tooth cleansers which can now be purchased at reception when you leave.









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