Smilelign clear aligners in Bournemouth

, Smilelign clear aligners in Bournemouth

Smilelign clear aligners in Bournemouth

Smilelign invisible braces

Do you want straight teeth without having fixed braces?

Smilelign is the clear choice for a straighter smile

Have the smile you’ve always wanted with
From £1250

How does Smilelign work?

Smilelign is a clear orthodontic treatment that consists of a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners designed to straighten crooked front smile teeth. Each aligner is marginally different and is changed every 2 weeks. Treatment can take as little as 12 weeks depending on the alterations required. Each aligner is carefully designed specifically for your teeth and moves them in small stages until they are in the desired position.

Straight teeth in just a few clear, simple steps

  1. Visit our dentist for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.
  2. Return for an assessment-Impressions are taken and sent to skilled technicians
  3. These are scanned, using 3D software and a treatment plan is put in place.
  4. A review appointment is made to try the pre-aligners to confirm the fit and to ensure the patient is happy.
  5. The required aligners are then made, and treatment can begin.
  6. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks until the future smile is achieved, and treatment is complete.
  7. This makes them a seamless addition to your lifestyle, and also helps maintain good oral health.

Book your free no obligation consultation and find out more about how you can achieve that perfect smile.

FREE Home Whitening Kit with all braces

FREE fixed and removable retainers (worth £520 for 1 arch and £740 for 2 arches)

FAQ’s about Smilelign

How much does the Smilelign cost?

Smilelign prices start from £1250. The cost of the treatment after that depends on how many aligners you require to complete your treatment. For a brighter, whiter smile we offer all our othodontic clients a free take home whitening kit after treatment.

How long should I wear my invisible braces each day?

The longer you wear your Smilelign aligners each day, the more effective and quicker your treatment will be. We suggest around 22-23 hours per day, only removing them to eat and clean them.

Can I drink with Aligners in?

Drinking water whilst wearing your braces is fine. Under no circumstances should you drink carbonated, sugary or acidic drinks such as fresh juice, fizzy drinks and energy drinks as this can lead to corrosion of your teeth. If you need to drink these types of drinks, you must remove your clear braces and make sure you clean your teeth and the brace before inserting them back on your teeth.

Can I eat with Aligners in?

No! Even soft foods can damage the plastic when chewing. It is recommended that all
drinking and eating is kept to mealtimes when you can remove your braces. If you eat or drink with the aligners in food debris and liquids can become trapped between your teeth and the clear plastic, not only will it look unsightly, but it can lead to decay or acid in the fluid can erode the enamel of your teeth. We only recommend drinking still water whilst wearing your clear aligners.

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