Orthodontic Retainers in Bournemouth

Orthodontic Retainers in Bournemouth

Orthodontic Retainers

Will my teeth always be straight after having braces?

If you decided to go ahead with having braces and you can see your teeth moving each time you visit, the day the braces come off is such an exciting moment! However, in order to keep your teeth straight, it is important to know that without having a retainer your teeth might move.

Having invested so much time in achieving your perfect smile no one would want this to happen!

Can my teeth move after having braces?

  1. Whilst having your braces your teeth are held in their new position by your braces, but once they’re removed stretched elastic fibres in your gums will try to pull your teeth back into their original position. This is called’ relapsing’
  2. The time you are most at risk of this happening is immediately after the braces have been removed, after this time your teeth will begin to stabilise.
  3. For your teeth to always remain straight you will need to commit to wearing and maintaining your retainer for life. Luckily, they comfortable and discreet.

For your teeth to always remain straight you will need to commit to wearing and maintaining your retainer for life. Luckily, they comfortable and discreet.

What retainers will I have to wear?

At Beechwood Dental, in Bournemouth, we provide removable and fixed retainers for everyone having Orthodontic treatment. The removable retainers or ’Essix retainers’ look like a thin, clear gumshield, which fits tightly over your teeth to keep them. The day your braces are removed we will take impressions of your teeth and make you a bespoke, custom- made retainers that will fit you perfectly. These will be made and fitted within a week.

For extra peace of mind, where possible, most of our Orthodontic patients will also have a fixed retainer attached to the backs of their teeth. This is a thin stainless-steel wire which is permanently bonded to the back of the front teeth. These are usually put onto the backs of your teeth as soon as your braces are removed.

How do I look after my retainers?

  • Wear your removable braces every night.
  • Keep them safe in a retainer box- as they often go missing.
  • Like having a spare set of glasses, we can organise for you to have a spare set for a small additional cost
  • Take extra care when brushing your teeth so as not to detach your fixed retainer.
  • Visit a hygienist regularly to keep your fixed retainer clean and for additional brushing technique advice

Remember if you lose your removable retainer or your fixed retainer becomes detached then contact a dentist as soon as possible as your teeth may start to move.

Everyone who has had Orthodontic treatment at Beechwood Dental will be entitled to one year follow up. You will be seen for review appointments if needed and repair of your retainers will be free of charge if they break for no known cause.

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Providing removable and fixed retainers for everyone

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