Fast Adult Braces in Bournemouth

Fast Adult Braces in Bournemouth
5 September 2019

Fast Adult Braces in Bournemouth

Fast Adult Braces, Fast Adult Braces in Bournemouth

Have you got crooked teeth?

Are you embarrassed by your smile?

Do you ask yourself- Should I have braces?

Then look no further! Beechwood Dental in Bournemouth offer FREE, no obligation consultations, to answer all those questions about having straighter teeth with Fast Adult Braces.

Things you might already have noticed or might be considering

  1. Are your teeth crooked? Do you hate looking in the mirror or having photographs taken? Are they gradually moving and becoming less straight?

    There are many reasons why teeth move. You may have had braces in the past, but not had a retainer to keep them in place. Everyday your teeth are subjected to different pressures, when you eat, sleep and talk. On a daily basis you would not notice them moving, but over time you may find you smile less and less and become more conscious of how crooked they have become- now may be the time to find out more about braces before they move further.

  2. Because of your job or lifestyle do you want fixed or removable braces?

    Many teenagers have fixed metal braces, but there are so many more options now for adults. Fixed or removable, both are fairly invisible. Many adults love the flexibility of having clear removable braces (aligners). Although, they should only be removed for eating, they can also be removed for short periods for interviews or client meetings. What you need to ask yourself is will you wear the removable aligners? If you do not wear them then your teeth will not move- perhaps the fixed ones may be the best option for you?

  3. Do the braces need to be clear or fairly invisible?

    Fixed braces are now less visible and removable aligners are clear and practically invisible- your friends wont even know you are wearing braces.

  4. Can you afford it, can you spread the cost of repayments?

    Straightening your teeth is a good investment in your appearance, confidence and even your health. At Beechwood Dental Prices start from £1300 for the clear, removable aligners. This price includes the retainers on completion to keep your teeth in position and home whitening, to complete your smile.  Spreading the cost with interest free finance over 12 months, making this an affordable way of having the smile you have always dreamed of.
    (7.9% APR over longer periods of time).

  5. Can you put up with a little discomfort whilst your teeth are moving into place?

    Wearing braces always involves a small amount of discomfort. The first couple of days being the worst time, however, just persevere with them and do NOT remove them! Most people say after a short period they even forget they are wearing them. Just remember the long-term benefits will outweigh the short-term discomfort.

  6. Are you committed to wearing your braces (and retainer after completing treatment)?

    The fixed braces cannot be removed, so will be worn permanently and you will need to be keep them clean. Your diet may need to be slightly altered so that the brackets are not pulled off or the wires are not discoloured.
    The removable braces will not move your teeth if not worn constantly, apart from eating. You must be diligent in cleaning them and rewearing after meals. The removable aligners are replaced every 2 weeks to achieve the straight teeth you are looking for.

  7. Does your smile affect how you feel about yourself and confidence?

    This is a big factor in many of our patients choosing to have braces. The main comments we have after completion are: ‘My new smile makes me feel so much more confident’, ‘I can smile again for photographs’

  8. Is this the right time in your life to consider having braces?  Am I to old? Are you starting a new career or getting married?

    There is never a perfect time to get braces- you may always find a reason why you shouldn’t have them, but what will you gain from having your teeth straightened? The sooner you start the sooner you will have the smile you have always wanted. We have straightened teeth of young adults and people in their 60’s, so you are never to old. You  need to bear in mind that if you wish to have your teeth straightened for a special occasion e.g a wedding, this does not happen overnight, so forward planning may be needed to prevent you from being disappointed.

  9. Do you really want straight teeth or are you ultimately happy as they are?

    We all occasionally lack confidence in ourselves about how we look or our smile. You need to consider how much of a problem this is for you. Does it really affect your confidence? Is your smile important to you? If it does then braces could give you that extra boost in life, as it has done to other happy patients who have completed the treatment.

  10. What are the pros and cons of having braces? What have you got to lose and what will you ultimately gain from this?

    The pros- with our fast adult braces you will have a new straighter, whiter confident smile.
    The cons- as seen above, but surely worth it.

Beechwood Dental in Bournemouth can offer you a free, no obligation consultation to find out more about the fast adult braces which we offer.
Smilelign clear aligner braces start from £1300 and all treatments include retainers to keep your teeth straight in the future and home whitening.

Fast Adult Braces, Fast Adult Braces in Bournemouth

To find out more and listen to our patient testimonials go to https://beechwooddental.co.uk/treatments/fast-adult-braces/smilelign/
Ring 01202 397074 or email info@beechwooddental.co.uk

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