More Six Month Smiles Successes at Beechwood Dental in Bournemouth

More Six Month Smiles Successes at Beechwood Dental in Bournemouth
8th April 2015

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Have you always wanted straighter, whiter teeth? Then brace yourself Beechwood Dental in Boscombe, Bournemouth can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of with Six Month Smiles! Nowadays, an increasing number of people of all ages are opting to improve their teeth and smile with invisible braces. Advances in orthodontic technology means that you can now straighten your teeth without anyone knowing in as little as six months.

Benefits of having adult orthodontics at Beechwood Dental

  • We can show you different options and give you advice as to which orthodontic treatment will be best for you.
  • Show you images of our many past clients who have completed treatments
  • Show you models of all the different orthodontic braces and show you have they fit on your teeth.
  • Show you testimonials from pleased clients
  • Maintain your teeth and gums throughout treatment with hygiene appointments if needed.
  • We can give you a smile you can be proud of which is an obvious benefit

Having the smile you are proud of will give you more confidence in yourself and with others. It is no wonder then that our clients come to see us for both personal and business reasons

Did you know-as well as having cosmetic advantages of having straighter teeth, there are also medical advantages too!

  1. Having properly aligned teeth and jaws may alleviate or prevent physical health problems.
  2. Straight teeth are less prone to teeth decay and developing periodontal (gum) disease.
  3. Protruding upper teeth are more likely to be broken in an accident ,so repositioning and aligning them with other teeth can result in a decreased risk of fracture

Can I eat properly?

Yes you should be able to eat properly.(However, for your orthodontic treatment to work well and in as short a time as possible it is important that you take care of your teeth and brace

  1. Avoid eating toffees, boiled sweets, sugared chewing gum, chocolate bars etc
  2. Avoid drinking fizzy drinks (including diet drinks) and excessive amounts of fruit juice.
  3. Take care eating hard foods which might damage the brace such as crunchy apples or crusty bread.

Adult orthodontics with invisible braces can therefore mean more than just a great new smile!

 Did you know the principal dentist at Beechwood Dental, Anthony Inman, is a member of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics?

The European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics was developed out of necessity to raise the standards of short term orthodontic care. ESAO members are the qualified, informed choice when looking to straighten your teeth.

Many adults feel that teeth straightening is a long and painful experience .In fact with the many tooth straightening options provided by Beechwood Dental, in Bournemouth, it is a relatively simple, speedy and painless experience with worthwhile results.

If you would like further information about straightening you teeth with six month smiles or Inman aligners then call us today for a FREE consultation on 01202 397074

Or book an appointment on our website at

Watch this you tube account with Tracey Kiss who kept a video diary throughout her Six Month Smile Treatment in 2014-‘ Fixed braces are the best way to correct wonky teeth as I looked like I’d been chewing on a bag of spanners before having my teeth straightened with the Six Month Smile. I’m amazed how quickly my mouth adjusted and I kept this video diary on my treatment, diet and thoughts throughout.’


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