Painless, fearless, drilless dentistry

Painless, fearless, drilless dentistry
21st July 2014


Do you feel anxious when visiting your dentist?


Then Beechwood Dental in Bournemouth has the answer to all your concerns!   Try air abrasion.

What is fluid/air abrasion?

The Aquacut Quattro is a unique new patented generation of cutting tool, taking the original concept of air abrasion and with the addition of fluid, creating Aquabrasion, a far more efficient and gentle technology. Besides functioning as a cutting tool, the Aquacut also cleans and polishes teeth.

 Guess what-No anaesthetic needed!!

Unlike conventional drilling instruments, the Aquacut is not in direct contact with the tooth structure. There is no vibration, heat generation, drilling noise or smell. Local anaesthesia is seldom needed, saving time and making the Aquacut ideal for treating young, elderly, nervous or needle-phobic patients

Air abrasion is a gentle ‘sandblasting’ of the tooth’s decayed surface. You can use it with shallow fillings instead of the more common drilling and best of all you can do it without anaesthetic.

Advantages of the Aquacut Quattro:

  • Conservative, tooth-friendly dentistry. No chipping or stress fractures, and minimal removal sound tooth material.
  • Ability to cut, polish, clean and dry

What are its uses?

It can be used for:

  • Fissure sealants
  • Removing old fillings
  • Preparing teeth for fillings
  • Cleaning heavy stains from teeth
  • Microabrasion

Due to the gentle action of the Aquacut process, in some cases it removes the need for a local anaesthetic injection.

So what does that mean for you? An alternative to a needle and drill!

No more fear about regularly visiting the dentist!

A recent testimonial we have just received from a nervous patient who had air abrasion for a filling stated:

‘I consider myself fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Inman’s; He is a brilliant dentist with a rare and special talent for putting nervous patients like me at ease. As an inveterate coward who winces and turns to jelly at the mere sound of a dentist’s drill it can’t be easy.

I was delighted…….. not that I needed to have a filling, but to be told it can be done with no drill. I was sceptical too but instantly relieved, my brain didn’t feel like it was rattling around, there were no vibrations and the noise synonymous with the drill, gone! I was gripping the chair in anticipation and suddenly it’s done. I couldn’t believe it and still can’t. I’ve actually had a filling and no drill, quite an unbelievable and remarkable experience, air abrasion awesome, fillings a piece of cake, thank you.’


If you would like further information about the air abrasion drill-less dentistry and its uses please ring Beechwood Dental or Email us and one of our team will be happy to advise you on the best treatment for you.


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