Cosmetic Dentistry at Beechwood Dental, Bournemouth

Cosmetic Dentistry at Beechwood Dental, Bournemouth
15th January 2016

Cosmetic Dentistry at Beechwood Dental in Bournemouth:

Your Options:

Many people are self-conscious about their smile and imperfections in the teeth can be detrimental to confidence. These days, more and more people are visiting their dentist to discuss cosmetic dentistry options in addition to having regular check-ups and restorative procedures. So what cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to you at Beechwood Dental? This guide gives an overview of the most common options for the enhancement of your smile.

Teeth Whitening: Over time and as we age, it is normal for our teeth to darken and become discoloured. This process occurs much faster in people who smoke, consume food and beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine, as well as those who take certain medications. One of the most popular procedures at Beechwood Dental in Bournemouth is the bleaching of the teeth to restore whiteness. Anthony, our dentist, will create a custom-fitted whitening tray to which the whitening gel can be added to give you that brighter, whiter more confident smile.

Bonding: Tooth bonding or dental bonding uses a special tooth-coloured resin which is applied to the tooth then hardened with a special light. This bonds the resin to the tooth either to restore it or to improve the appearance of the tooth.

Crowns: Also known as caps, crowns completely cover the surface of a tooth to protect it and restore it to its original shape and appearance. Crowns may be recommended to you if you have heavily damaged teeth. This is one of the most expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures, although it is also one of the longest lasting.

Veneers: Similar to crowns, veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or sometimes plastic that are placed over the surface of the teeth to restore the original appearance of the tooth. Veneers are a common option for people who have uneven surfaces on their teeth, oddly shaped teeth or teeth that are unevenly spaced or crooked. This is a relatively pain-free procedure and no anaesthesia is required. Veneers are also a much more cost-effective alternative to crowns. They treat the same type of problems as bonding does, although are more durable and longer lasting.

Contouring and reshaping: If you are someone who has crooked, uneven or overlapping teeth, a contouring and reshaping procedure might be of interest to you. This procedure is appropriate for people who have relatively healthy and stable teeth but who are concerned about their appearance and want subtle changes. It is common for dentists to combine this process with bonding

If you are interested in finding out more about these different cosmetic dentistry procedures ring Beechwood Dental in Bournemouth on 01202 397074 or email or find out more information on our website


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