Beechwood – Why choose Beechwood Dental Practice in Bournemouth

Beechwood – Why choose Beechwood Dental Practice in Bournemouth
28 June 2017

Looking for a reliable dentist in Bournemouth who can provide a one-stop dentistry shop to look after all your dental needs? Look no further! The Beechwood Dental Practice has been looking after the teeth of Bournemouth residents for many years and has an established reputation for being dedicated to our customer needs and preferences.

Looking after your oral health in Bournemouth

Suspect that you are suffering from tooth decay or gum disease? We can manage the pain you’re feeling and remove the cause of it. Did you know that if you ignore the symptoms of gum disease such as red, swollen or even bleeding gums, you could find not only that you’re at an increased risk of losing your teeth, but also an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Strong links have been found between gum disease and these more serious health conditions.

Suffering from a mild, but no less embarrassing problem, such as stained and yellowing teeth, or bad breath? We can whiten your teeth by several shades and examine the cause of your unpleasant breath with a view to freshening it.

Cosmetic dental treatments in Bournemouth

Here at our Bournemouth practice, we offer an extensive range of cosmetic dental treatments to enhance your smile and ultimately boost not only the confidence you have in your facial appearance, but also your self-esteem. Feeling happy about your looks can, for people, result in a significant and positive impact on your mental health.

If any of your teeth are chipped or broken, we can restore them using veneers or caps. We can make your fillings less visible and straighten your teeth using fast braces. We can also provide natural looking replacement teeth to fill any gaps in your smile caused by tooth loss.

An extra service we offer, to help you look rejuvenated is our Friday Botox clinic, which will smooth over any prominent wrinkles you have on your upper face and potentially turn back the clock by several years.

Research has shown that an attractive smile makes you more likely to get promoted at work, as well as more likely to be lucky in love. To find out how we can make your smile more attractive and provide a solution to any dental problems you may be experiencing, please get in touch with our friendly, Bournemouth based reception team and book yourself in for a consultation. We look forward to taking care of yours and your family’s teeth.

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